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Daniel Gogolin

Daniel is an entrepreneur and creator with a passion for building businesses and giving back. He’s currently the managing director of Joda Creative, a digital and creative agency servicing impact driven ventures across North America. He is also a co-creator of Vancity Feature, a local media network and community hub on a mission to bring Vancouver closer together. And lastly, Daniel has also launched an apparel brand called Markus Amadeo which features premium casual wear with simplistic designs.

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Maxine Bulloch

Maxine is a photographer and focuses on working with impact-driven businesses, B Corporations and individuals to support them in their growth through strategic visual storytelling. Business branding, events and portraits are the three core areas of focus and Maxine has special interests on business, education, health and wellness, food, kids, and finance. Broad huh! Makes things interesting 🙂

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Doaa Jamal

Doaa Jamal is a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Her professional expertise lies in creating dynamic visuals for individuals and organizations eager to understand their identity through the power of colour, shape, and symbolism. And through the scope of her lens, she captures small moments in time to create big expressions of personality. Each of her portraits is a welcome window for endless stories and emotion.

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Pieter Schouppe

Plant a Flag is a one-stop-shop marketing agency with a focus on small businesses & social profit organizations. Pieter is currently in Vancouver leading Plant a Flag’s North American office.

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Raphaël Titsworth-Morin

Raph has been working in, and around the startup world for a few years and realized he really loved working with the companies with strong social and environmental missions. So he started working on éphémère creative, where he and his co-founder, Éva Thouvenot work to put technology, design, and marketing to good use with mission-driven people and organizations.

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Joel Harrison

Joel is a “bad-ass with a baby”. Well, not exactly “a bad-ass”, but at least he doesn’t have a minivan yet. He’s a family-first kind of guy that is focused on using his creativity and marketing skills to spread ideas that help people rally together to change our world – striving to create a better world for his kids. Joel is a content creator at heart, writer, podcaster, and founder of Methodic Content and

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